Grammy Awards
Was Beyonce supposed to win Album of the Year 2017? if so what happened? could it be that the Kanye West rant and public meltdown be the reason the folks at Grammys decided to give the award to Adele instead?

Inquiring minds want to know. Could Kanye West no show at the Grammys be te reason for him not receiving "Best rap album 2017"? if so is Chance the Rapper the new kid on the block to replace Kanye in the competitive rap music industry?

Rihanna did not win a Grammy 2017, neither did JLo, or Selena Gomez despite all artist putting out music.

Apparently, Adele and Beyonce are going to collaborate on a duet. This will be a good ideas especially for Bey's fans to see the style of both singers.
No one had more fun at the Grammys than Rihanna
She didn't win any trophies, but she put on a masterclass in how get through an awards show.
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